Anna Z
Anna 2
Photographer: Alexander Fedorov
Aug 13, 2005
Movie Length: 06:07

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After Anna lightly bathes herself, she looks out over the water, then slowly turns and walks to drier ground. The warm sand feels good on her smooth body. With her foot, she slowly traces an arc in the sand, then raises her legs above her head and playfully wiggles her toes. She lowers her legs then opens them wide, allowing the sun to pour over her pussy. She turns over on all fours, extends her leg, then stretches, revealing yet another view of her pure erotic perfection. Anna is mesmerizing. You want to get close to her...close enough to feel her steamy hot sex and to gently kiss those nipples you've always cherished . You want to smell her near you and taste her skin, warmed in the sun. Such is the girl icon for all things raw and sensual, elegant and erotic.
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