A Silent Spring
Photographer: Thierry
Jul 30, 2022
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Aria traveled alone eighteen hours on a bus from Kiev to Warsaw before flying the next morning to Portugal to attend this shooting in June 2022, her first trip out of the country since the war began.

"A Silent Spring" is presented to remind the fortunate there still is a war going on. Millions of Ukrainian refugees, MPL models included, have been displaced from their homes, towns, cities, jobs, & families, this as a result of Russia's five month hate and terror campaign against the Ukrainian people and its culture. Many Ukrainians have been forced to return to their bombed-out, front line cities because they can't get jobs or afford to pay rent in European countries they initially found refuge in. Others were never able to leave; some forcibly relocated to far away Russian cities, with no means to return to their homes. Children have been separated from their parents and grandparents or forced to witness unthinkable violence against family members. The sadness and suffering is real. It affects all Ukrainians. It's been happening and it continues to happen. Support Ukraine's viability as a people and a nation.
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