How Deep Is Your Love?
Photographer: Thierry
Nov 17, 2021
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To commemorate Stefani's 100th MPL photo set I chose this special series from our Slovenia trip in 2019. This was the first set I ever shot with Stefani, and since Slovenia was an especially inspired trip for her, it seems like the perfect tribute to one of MPL's leading models.

The set begins in the back yard of our mountain villa, then ascends up a grassy hillside to a lush, private vista overlooking the valley below. It's June, early summer, and the high country is just now coming to life with the color and vibrancy of a new season. With Stefani, there is much to celebrate too...her intoxicating natural beauty, a warm, friendly smile, her soft sweet voice, and a surprising sharp sense of humor. Above all that, however, is Stefani's rambling sense of adventure and her love for travel and new experiences. For MPL, her bags are always packed. In front of the camera, Stefani combines beauty, art, and sexuality in precise, stunning detail. The connection is real. Her commitment to perfection never falters. Congratulations to Stefani for 100 memorable photo series!
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