The Bathroom
Photographer: Alexander Fedorov
Mar 29, 2007
Movie Length: 06:40

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Total Photos: 1,275
Photo Series: 24
Videos: 7
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There are many ways to experiment with video. We try different approaches beyond the usual "moving picture" approach, where a model simply poses as she would for a photo series. Instead we tell little stories about the girls through location and technique. We make the scenes interactive and real, sometimes with the model interacting with the camera, with herself, or with her environment.

There are fantasy-based scenes and reality-based scenes. We like to do both. Each has a different effect. The Bathroom video is a reality-based scene that has the look and feel of film. In it, Lika simply goes about her usual business "in private". The camera is invisible. You are a fly on the wall, watching a girl alone in the bathroom getting undressed and taking a shower.
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