Shoot Day: The Mind of Fedorov
Photographer: Alexander Fedorov
Oct 29, 2006
Movie Length: 10:20

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What's it like to sit in on a one-on-one Studio Girls photo session? Thanks to Alexander Fedorov, you're going to find out. This Shoot Day video brings you into the creative space of Fedorov as he works with new model Alisia, late last winter. The video begins with a brief interview with Alisia, also known as "Tanya". Then it's time to begin the photo shoot. The session is not only photographed by Fedorov; it's also filmed by him as well. Throughout the shoot, he interrupted himself to adjust the video camera to best capture the work in progress. This video provides an informal look into the world of nude photography, as seen from the photographer's point of view. Since we have so many members that are also photographers, we thought it would be an interesting get to see Fedorov in action, as well as listen to the very charming Alisia, who speaks a little English. If all you want to see is a beautiful naked girl stand before you, Alisia will do that too!
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