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Country: Russia
Eyes: Blue
Photo Series: 110
Total Photos: 8,561
Videos: 5

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Michaela Isizzu



We're proud to announce the internet debut of Talia, an exciting new MPL model for 2011. Nineteen and gorgeous, Talia has all the right things going for her to become a leading Studio Girl model. Because Talia is new to nude modeling, we begin her portfolio with the modest beginnings of her first MPL shoot. This special girl is delicate indeed.

Talia's Portfolio

November 27th 2014
‘Ingenue 2’
November 12th 2014
‘Forever Young’
October 29th 2014
‘Decor 2’
October 15th 2014
September 29th 2014
September 14th 2014
‘What about Love’
August 31st 2014
August 17th 2014
‘Grace & Beauty’
August 3rd 2014
July 21st 2014
‘Gorgeous Legs’
July 7th 2014
‘Elegant Innocence’
June 22nd 2014
June 7th 2014
‘Balloon Magic 2’
May 29th 2014
‘Emerald Lake’
May 21st 2014
‘Shy Girl’
New HD Video
May 11th 2014
April 28th 2014
‘Whole Lot of Love’
April 13th 2014
‘Inside Line’
March 30th 2014
‘A Necessary Distraction’
March 17th 2014
‘Anticipation 2’
February 28th 2014
‘Purple Teddy’
February 15th 2014
‘Mistress Revealed’
January 29th 2014
‘Balloon Magic’
January 14th 2014
‘Forest Princess’
December 31st 2013
December 14th 2013
November 30th 2013
‘True Romantic’
November 18th 2013
‘Feminine Beauty 2’
November 7th 2013
‘Pure Joy’
October 27th 2013
October 17th 2013
October 7th 2013
‘Behind the Mask’
September 27th 2013
‘The Pool Girl’
September 14th 2013
‘Cover Girl’
September 2nd 2013
August 23rd 2013
‘Monte Carlo II’
August 12th 2013
‘Feminine Beauty’
August 1st 2013
‘On the Mark’
July 21st 2013
‘Private Beach’
July 11th 2013
‘Fruit of the Vine 2’
July 3rd 2013
‘Tres Mignonne’
June 19th 2013
‘Loving Cup’
June 7th 2013
‘Smile for Summer’
May 23rd 2013
‘Let the Sun Shine 2’
May 13th 2013
‘Let the Sun Shine’
May 3rd 2013
April 22nd 2013
‘Happy Harvest’
April 12th 2013
‘Sensual Encounter’
April 2nd 2013
‘Love is Alive’
March 23rd 2013
‘Everlasting 2’
March 19th 2013
‘Pura Vida’
March 6th 2013
February 24th 2013
‘Take a Chance’
February 14th 2013
‘One in a Million’
February 5th 2013
‘Naked Innocence’
New HD Video
January 29th 2013
‘Monte Carlo’
January 19th 2013
‘Red White & Blue’
January 8th 2013
‘River of Dreams’
December 28th 2012
‘Sandbox 2’
December 17th 2012
‘Ecstasy With a Smile’
December 6th 2012
‘In the Moment’
November 23rd 2012
‘Luxury 2’
November 12th 2012
‘New Flame’
October 31st 2012
‘On the Line’
October 26th 2012
‘Postcard from the Edge’
Postcard Series
October 17th 2012
October 6th 2012
‘Golden Age 2’
September 27th 2012
‘Changing Seasons’
September 17th 2012
September 5th 2012
‘Visiona of Talia 2’
New HD Video
August 29th 2012
‘Feeling Good’
August 17th 2012
‘Down Under’
August 3rd 2012
‘Flourish of Color’
July 23rd 2012
‘Less Is More’
July 12th 2012
‘I Want You 2’
July 1st 2012
June 19th 2012
‘Summer Siren’
June 5th 2012
‘Surrender 2’
June 1st 2012
May 17th 2012
‘Home Workout’
May 4th 2012
‘I Want You’
April 21st 2012
‘Visions of Talia’
New HD Video
April 14th 2012
‘Young & Fun’
March 31st 2012
‘Golden Age’
March 15th 2012
‘Angelic Beauty 2’
February 27th 2012
‘Delicate Balance’
February 12th 2012
‘Club Talia’
January 25th 2012
‘Casual Elegance’
January 7th 2012
‘For All Seasons’
December 25th 2011
‘Enchanting 2’
December 24th 2011
‘Holiday Cheer’
December 10th 2011
November 29th 2011
‘The Joy of Summer’
November 16th 2011
‘Postcard from the Edge’
Postcard Series
November 15th 2011
October 31st 2011
‘Pure Country 2’
October 21st 2011
‘Angelic Beauty’
October 7th 2011
September 22nd 2011
‘Pure Country’
September 10th 2011
‘Summer Splendor’
August 27th 2011
‘Sea of Seduction’
August 11th 2011
July 17th 2011
‘Naked Innocence’
July 1st 2011
‘The Delicate Edge 2’
June 10th 2011
‘Golden Curls’
May 23rd 2011
‘The Art of Undressing’
May 5th 2011
‘Moment of Truth’
April 26th 2011
‘Genie in a Bottle’
New HD Video
April 17th 2011
‘Fruit of the Vine’
March 30th 2011
March 30th 2011
‘Every Breath 2’
March 12th 2011
February 19th 2011
‘Cherry Blossom’
February 2nd 2011
‘Every Breath’
January 16th 2011
‘The Delicate Edge’
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