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Country: Russia
Eyes: Blue
Photo Series: 50
Total Photos: 3,746
Videos: 8

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Michaela Isizzu



Christmas has come early this year in the form of a very special girl named Amelie. Gracing the pages of MPL for the first time, Amelie has those rare qualities shared by top MPL models Anya, Sarah, Monika, Camille, and Sasha. Amelie combines innocence and eroticism into one super sexy package. Enjoy this holiday season! 2011 is already shaping up to be another great MPL year.

Amelie's Portfolio

December 4th 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 7’
November 4th 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 6’
October 11th 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 5’
September 19th 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 4’
August 21st 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 3’
August 1st 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 2’
July 19th 2014
‘Amelie's Collector's Cut: 1’
September 26th 2013
‘One and Only 2’
New HD Video
September 8th 2013
August 17th 2013
‘Pyramid 2’
July 25th 2013
‘Eyes for Tokyo’
July 12th 2013
‘One and Only’
New HD Video
June 21st 2013
May 29th 2013
‘Summer Swelter’
May 7th 2013
‘Sapphire Sea’
April 10th 2013
‘Nature's Miracle’
February 12th 2013
‘Postcard from Tokyo’
New HD Video
December 27th 2012
‘Bath House Babe’
New HD Video
November 27th 2012
‘Picnic With a Friend’
November 4th 2012
October 10th 2012
‘Eyes to Remember’
September 20th 2012
‘The Amelie Zone’
August 26th 2012
‘Summer Beach’
August 9th 2012
‘Better Than Ever’
July 20th 2012
July 4th 2012
‘Princess Amelie’
June 9th 2012
‘Past, Present, & Future’
May 15th 2012
‘Holding On’
May 1st 2012
‘Tokyo Calling’
April 16th 2012
March 27th 2012
‘The Right Touch’
New HD Video
March 11th 2012
‘Little Ways’
February 14th 2012
‘Love Connection’
January 23rd 2012
‘Bath House Fantasy’
January 3rd 2012
‘Passage to Your Heart’
December 16th 2011
‘The Calling’
November 22nd 2011
‘Private Pleasure’
October 29th 2011
‘Harvest Gold’
October 15th 2011
‘Love in the Air 2’
October 2nd 2011
‘The Magic Spell’
New HD Video
September 13th 2011
‘Mood Blue’
August 24th 2011
‘The Emerald Forest’
August 7th 2011
July 14th 2011
‘Legends of Desire’
July 5th 2011
‘Postcard from Tokyo’
June 16th 2011
May 29th 2011
‘Bath House’
May 18th 2011
‘Infatuation 2’
New HD Video
April 25th 2011
April 9th 2011
‘Tea Time’
March 20th 2011
‘The Nines’
March 4th 2011
‘Into Your Dreams 2’
February 14th 2011
‘Love in the Air’
February 13th 2011
New HD Video
January 28th 2011
‘Postcard from Tokyo’
January 23rd 2011
‘Jewel in the Night’
January 7th 2011
‘Into Your Dreams’
December 20th 2010
‘Christmas Present’
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