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Country: Ukraine
Eyes: Blue
Photo Series: 88
Total Photos: 5,608
Videos: 3

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Michaela Isizzu



Maya is a girl whose feminine features come to life when surrounded by things soft, elegant, and pretty. She's far too sexy to only by photographed outdoors. Indoors, Maya likes to settle in and get comfortable. Already she's added nuances to her erotic poses that are sure to get your attention and keep it focused on her. When it comes to Maya, "soft" and "elegant" definitely means "sexy".

Maya's Portfolio

March 5th 2014
‘My Fair Lady’
January 15th 2014
‘Maya Moments’
November 28th 2013
‘Postcard from Crimea’
November 2nd 2013
‘Hotel Siberia’
October 9th 2013
‘Red Blanket’
September 20th 2013
August 31st 2013
‘Sugar Walls’
August 8th 2013
‘Cinnamon Girl’
July 15th 2013
‘Naughty Talk’
June 22nd 2013
May 28th 2013
‘Watching You’
May 6th 2013
‘Orange Mango’
April 9th 2013
March 14th 2013
‘Flowers for Maya’
February 28th 2013
‘In the Buff’
February 3rd 2013
January 10th 2013
‘Waiting on a Dream’
December 19th 2012
November 28th 2012
‘On Top’
November 6th 2012
‘Erotic Princess’
October 13th 2012
‘September Sun’
September 21st 2012
‘Time to Play’
August 30th 2012
‘Under Wraps’
August 10th 2012
July 26th 2012
June 29th 2012
June 4th 2012
May 6th 2012
‘Front & Center’
April 18th 2012
‘Rising Tide’
April 4th 2012
March 17th 2012
‘Dream Maker’
February 13th 2012
‘Poseidon's Adventure’
January 15th 2012
‘Free to Fly’
January 1st 2012
New HD Video
December 15th 2011
November 14th 2011
‘Touch & Go’
October 20th 2011
‘What If?’
September 26th 2011
‘Passage to Paradise’
August 26th 2011
July 19th 2011
‘Mountain High’
June 27th 2011
‘After the Harvest’
June 7th 2011
‘After Party’
May 15th 2011
April 15th 2011
‘Eternal Beauty’
March 25th 2011
‘Body Shots’
February 24th 2011
‘Climb to the Top’
January 28th 2011
‘Wild Kingdom 2’
January 5th 2011
‘You & Me’
December 17th 2010
New HD Video
November 28th 2010
‘Never Never Land’
November 6th 2010
‘Autumn in Crimea’
October 25th 2010
‘Heavenly Glow’
October 8th 2010
‘Standing Tall’
September 21st 2010
‘Fashionably Nude 2’
September 1st 2010
August 14th 2010
July 31st 2010
‘House of Maya’
July 7th 2010
‘Lonesome Pine 2’
June 14th 2010
‘Touch of Flair’
May 8th 2010
‘Violet Affair’
April 26th 2010
New HD Video
April 7th 2010
‘Fashionably Nude’
March 16th 2010
‘Lonesome Pine’
February 21st 2010
‘Two Warm Pillows’
February 4th 2010
‘Studio Swing’
January 18th 2010
‘Sass! 2’
January 18th 2010
‘Postcard from Crimea’
Postcard Series
December 22nd 2009
‘Wild Kingdom’
November 26th 2009
‘Spend the Night Together’
November 3rd 2009
‘Natural High’
October 13th 2009
‘Time Out’
September 30th 2009
September 13th 2009
‘Open Air’
September 2nd 2009
August 18th 2009
‘Wild Wild West 2’
July 29th 2009
‘Dripping Wet!’
June 27th 2009
June 5th 2009
‘The Climb’
May 22nd 2009
‘Undressed for Success!’
May 5th 2009
‘High Jinx’
April 18th 2009
‘After Midnight...’
April 5th 2009
‘Rock & Roll’
March 27th 2009
‘All Things Considered’
March 15th 2009
‘Vista Grande’
February 27th 2009
‘Pillow Soft 2’
February 12th 2009
‘Parlour Games’
January 26th 2009
‘Those Eyes’
January 11th 2009
‘Pillow Soft’
January 1st 2009
‘October Gold’
December 12th 2008
November 5th 2008
‘Wild Wild West’
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