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Country: Russia
Eyes: Blue
Photo Series: 73
Total Photos: 4,272
Videos: 10

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Michaela Isizzu



Sara's tall, ultra slim body allows her to be seductively photographed anywhere in any light. Height is just one of her many eye-catching features. Sarah's also blessed with incredible nipples. They seem to jump out and greet you from every view. Like so many Studio Girls, Sara's face is maybe what captivates the most. Her big blue eyes, full round lips, and relaxed friendly smile compliment her naked beauty wonderfully.

Sarah's Portfolio

April 29th 2013
‘Face Time’
September 1st 2012
‘Happy Ending’
July 6th 2012
New HD Video
April 23rd 2012
‘Sweet & Sexy 2’
March 24th 2012
‘Bamboo Sauna’
February 23rd 2012
‘Fashion in the Nude’
January 29th 2012
New HD Video
January 17th 2012
‘Pure Sarah 2’
December 22nd 2011
December 1st 2011
‘Sweet & Sexy’
November 11th 2011
‘Extra Special 2’
October 25th 2011
‘Gentle Soul’
October 4th 2011
September 8th 2011
‘Pure Sarah’
August 19th 2011
‘Golden Angel’
July 28th 2011
‘So Fine’
New HD Video
July 23rd 2011
‘Near & Dear’
June 29th 2011
‘The Green Room’
June 3rd 2011
May 11th 2011
April 18th 2011
‘Visions of Sarah’
March 27th 2011
March 2nd 2011
‘Extra Special’
February 20th 2011
‘Sandy Shores’
New HD Video
December 5th 2010
‘Tall Grasses’
October 15th 2010
‘Something About Sarah’
September 6th 2010
‘Skinny Dip’
New HD Video
August 5th 2010
‘More Than a Memory’
June 12th 2010
‘Long Way Around’
April 30th 2010
‘Sarah's Beach’
March 10th 2010
‘Fun in the Sun’
January 31st 2010
‘Crazy About Sarah! 2’
New HD Video
January 6th 2010
‘Time & Space’
November 23rd 2009
October 17th 2009
‘Jungle Love’
September 21st 2009
‘Tropical Breeze’
August 17th 2009
July 22nd 2009
‘Play Day’
June 29th 2009
‘Sensual Summer 2’
June 22nd 2009
‘Postcard from Paradise’
Postcard Series
May 30th 2009
‘Garden View’
April 29th 2009
‘The Sweetest Gift’
April 29th 2009
‘Exotic Dance 2’
New HD Video
April 3rd 2009
‘Fire in the Sky’
March 12th 2009
‘Smoke on the Water’
February 21st 2009
‘A Sarah State of Mind’
New HD Video
February 9th 2009
‘Abode 2’
January 20th 2009
December 17th 2008
‘Heat of the Day’
November 16th 2008
October 23rd 2008
‘Postcard from Paradise’
Postcard Series
October 16th 2008
‘Sensual Summer’
September 16th 2008
‘In Good Hands’
September 4th 2008
‘Postcard from Paradise’
Postcard Series
September 1st 2008
‘Step by Step’
August 15th 2008
July 19th 2008
July 2nd 2008
‘Postcard from Paradise’
Postcard Series
June 27th 2008
June 25th 2008
‘Crazy About Sarah!’
New HD Video
June 7th 2008
‘Shoot Day’
BTS Series
June 5th 2008
‘The Wall’
May 16th 2008
‘Smuggler's Cove’
May 9th 2008
‘Ocean Shores’
April 24th 2008
‘Jungle Fever 2’
April 15th 2008
‘Milk & Honey’
March 30th 2008
‘Haiku 2’
March 24th 2008
‘Beachcomber's Paradise’
March 6th 2008
‘On Sultry Shores’
February 26th 2008
‘Postcard from Paradise’
Postcard Series
February 19th 2008
February 12th 2008
‘Marooned 2’
February 4th 2008
‘Jungle Fever’
January 25th 2008
January 13th 2008
‘Swimsuit Paradise’
January 4th 2008
December 15th 2007
‘Silky Smooth’
November 18th 2007
‘Forest Affair 2’
October 22nd 2007
‘H2O 2’
October 19th 2007
‘Forest Affair’
October 4th 2007
‘Exotic Dance’
New HD Video
September 30th 2007
September 12th 2007
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